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Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, schools are closed for the remainder of the year.

2020-21 Registrations are OPEN!  Contact Us for virtual tour and additional information.

Welcome to Queens Gate Academy!

Queens Gate Academy is a private school for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, located in the heart of Brampton, Ontario. Recognizing the importance of an exceptional learning experience, we follow a holistic curriculum that encompasses academic and personal skill development.

Through education, empowerment and inspiration, Queens Gate Academy provides a positive learning environment that fosters curiosity, collaboration and leadership. Students gain the skills, strategies and desire to discover their potential.

Our Academy

Queens Gate Academy encourages students to work hard to unlock their full academic potentials to the best of their ability, teach them to work hard to break barriers, and recognize that their success is determined by the each student’s willingness to work towards them.

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There is no better way to get to know “Queens Gate Academy” than to experience it. Attend an open house, shadow a student or schedule an individual visit – the choice is yours!




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Dream Beyond Limits

At Queens Gate Academy, students are encouraged to dream big, explore their personal potential and pursue their passion. Students are empowered to discover how they can work towards making their dreams a reality.

Believe In Your Goals

Queens Gate Academy fosters a learning environment where problem solving, and critical thinking skills are augmented to encourage students to believe in their abilities, to reach their full potential and overcome challenges.

Achieve The Impossible

Queens Gate Academy encourages students to work hard to break barriers and to recognize that the only limit to the height of their achievement is determined by each student’s willingness to work towards them.