Elementary Learning




Elementary Stage

Our primary program provides opportunity, challenge and support to learners from junior kindergarten to Grade 5. Meeting individual learning needs has a positive effect on self-esteem and development. Ours is a learning community in the broadest sense, supported by educators, parents and caregivers.
Our vibrant range of learning activities provides and promotes acceptance of difference.
As students start to develop academic and personal skills, they develop the building blocks to their academic potential. Teachers monitor the progress of each student to help them discover and explore their interests and strengths. Students are engrossed in a learning environment that facilitates creativity, innovation, and leadership.
Our holistic curriculum encompasses learning that is beyond just the classroom. Students are provided with learning opportunities through various extra-curricular programs

Our Classes

In Elementary Learning children are enrolled in a full week program. Elementary Learning hours are from 8:30 am to 3.30pm. Before Care is available in Early Learning from 8.00am to 8:30am, and After Care is available for children enrolled in Elementary Learning from 3.30pm until 5pm.  March break and Summer Camps are also available at an additional cost.

Small Class Size

It has been proven that students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. A class size of fewer than 20 students often results in more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and students.


Sport Program

QGA values the development of well-rounded individuals and recognizes the importance of sports in achieving that goal. Participating in weekly sports activities whether that’s swimming, Martial Arts, or basketball can offer numerous benefits to students, both physically and mentally.

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Music Program

Here at Queens Gate Academy, we believe in the power of music and what it can do for students’ education. Our music program promotes creativity, growth, and discipline as students get to experience different elements of music. We believe that music is essential in the educational and social growth of our students.

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Extended Day Program

Before and after school program is available to help with flexibility in parents schedules, or if you want more for you child.

    • Before school: 8:00am – 8:30am
    • After School: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Our After-School program offers different clubs each day for the different grade levels.


Tour Queens Gate Academy

Explore QGA main school campus infrastructure using our Virtual Tour feature.

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Apply to Enroll

Apply for your child to enroll at QGA through our online application process. We will be in touch with you soon regarding your application. Please fill out the form with relation to your child.

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