Who we are

About Queens Gate Academy

Queens Gate Academy is a private school for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, located in Brampton, Ontario. Recognizing the importance of an exceptional learning experience, Queens Gate Academy provides a holistic curriculum that encompasses academic and personal skill development.

Through education, empowerment and inspiration, Queens Gate Academy provides a positive learning environment that fosters curiosity, collaboration and leadership. Students gain the skills, strategies and desire to discover their potential.

Equipping our students to be world ready

QGA recognizes the early learning years (Preschool and Transition) as crucial. With our Low teacher-to-student ratio,  there is a decreased need for tutoring.  By fostering natural curiosity and creativity, we help form the foundation of future learning. Through our stimulating program, children have the opportunity to drive their learning, ask questions, investigate and challenge ideas and actively engage in new experiences.

Learning from investigations is powerful. It is through play that children internalize concepts and learn a diverse range of skills including the ability to share, cooperate and communicate with one another.

We focus on open-ended, child-directed learning. We aim to create memories with experiences that stimulate imagination, creativity, decision making and problem solving.

Our Mission

Queens Gate Academy provides a nurturing environment and is committed to achieving excellence. All students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential by supporting individual learning styles to ultimately provide a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and values. This foundation enables students to be effective learners and productive leaders.

We value all aspects that play an impact on the learning and working environments. We nurture values such as respect, honesty, fairness, and integrity in our students and faculty to ensure a positive working environment that can prepare students to be good Samaritans of the world.

Through our commitment to a holistic learning experience, Queens Gate Academy aspires to build a community of:

  • Effective Collaborators who will efficiently use verbal, written, artistic, and technological forms of communication to engage with others.
  • Inspired Learners who show accountability and determination towards demonstrating, assessing and directing their life-long intellectual growth.
  • Productive Workers who perform collaboratively and independently to achieve quality development that reflect personal pride and responsibility.
  • Resourceful Thinkers who independently and creatively strive to solve complex problems through reflection, risk taking, and critical evaluation.
  • Responsible Citizens who have a global and multi-cultural perspective and take initiative for improving the quality of life for themselves and others.

Our Values

At Queens Gate Academy, we empower each other to create, communicate, collaborate and think critically in a technology rich environment that prepares students for their tomorrow.  We implement the the 4R’s approach.

Respect We ensure that students are guided in a manner that recognizes importance of respect in all aspects of life, allowing every student to make respect an integral part of their life.

Responsibility Through our holistic curriculum, students are mentored to become responsible individuals of their community.

Readiness Through our advanced and exceptional learning environment, we ensure that our students are ready to face the challenges of our ever-changing world with positivity and determination.

Resourcefulness We ensure that our students are able to navigate and network to develop meaningful relationships and be effective learners.

Our core values enable us to meet the needs of all students and provide the best learning environment for each and every one of our students. We encourage students to take risks, be problem-solvers and learn from their mistakes. The foundation we help our students to build is the core of their success.

Our Vision

At Queens Gate Academy, all of our students are encouraged to strive for academic excellence, and inclusive and respectful social skills. Our goal is to engage and work together with parents/guardians as well as the community to create and build a diverse and positive environment. Many opportunities will be available for enrichment, intervention, and remediation.

We Are Committed To The Following Goals:

  • To teach all students not only how to read, but also to enjoy reading.
  • To make sure that all students gain an understanding of mathematical concepts and the role that math plays in all aspects of life.
  • To appreciate history and the unique role it plays in informing today’s decisions.
  • To develop an interest in and an understanding of science.
  • To write fluently for a variety of purposes.
  • To use technology as a tool to enhance all areas of the curriculum.
  • To help developing learners who display curiosity about the world around them.
  • To prepare students to reach their potential to lead a fulfilling life.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Queens Gate Academy, where students are provided with an exceptional learning experience. Students are immersed in an engaging and innovative learning environment that encourages ongoing intellectual and personal growth. Our mantra, “Dream, Believe, Achieve” is the core of our curriculum. At Queens Gate Academy, students are encouraged to Dream beyond limits, Believe in their goals, and Achieve the impossible.

Our holistic curriculum is designed to support each student through their academic journey. Our qualified teachers and staff at Queens Gate Academy are committed to providing each student with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to expand and unlock their full potential. A key focus of our institution is to provide academic excellence and a nurturing learning environment through individualized programs that are tailored to the diverse needs of each student. Our values focus on helping students learn compassion, courage, citizenship, communal involvement, and creativity.

We value the effort and involvement put forth by our parent community in helping our students become responsible citizens. Outside of the classroom we encourage all students to partake in experiential learning opportunities through our extra-curricular activities and field trip programs.

As educators we hope to spearhead the movement towards character development which embodies respect, wisdom, leadership, intuition, and integrity. We will continue pursuing professional development opportunities for our teachers and will review our instructional programs throughout the year to ensure all students are performing at their full potential.

Thank you for considering Queens Gate Academy for your child. We encourage you to join us for our open houses and for school tours and to talk to our staff and community about the programs that we offer. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to tour our facility.

I am looking forward to an amazing school year with our students, parents, and global community.


Small Class Size

It has been proven that students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. A class size of fewer than 20 students often results in more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and students.


IB Candidate (PYP)

Queens Gate Academy is a Candidate School* for the Primary Years Programme (PYP). This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB Schools are institutions that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Queens Gate Academy believes is essential and beneficial for our students. 


Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit www.ibo.org

Sports Program

QGA values the development of well-rounded individuals and recognizes the importance of sports in achieving that goal. Participating in weekly sports activities whether that’s swimming, Martial Arts, or basketball can offer numerous benefits to students, both physically and mentally.

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Music Program

Here at Queens Gate Academy, we believe in the power of music and what it can do for students’ education. Our music program promotes creativity, growth, and discipline as students get to experience different elements of music. We believe that music is essential in the educational and social growth of our students.

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Extended Day Program

Before and after school program is available to help with flexibility in parents schedules, or if you want more for you child.

    • Before school: 8:00am – 8:30am
    • After School: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Our After-School program offers different clubs each day for the different grade levels.


Tour Queens Gate Academy

 Explore QGA main school campus infrastructure using our Virtual Tour feature.

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Apply to Enroll

Apply for your child to enroll at QGA through our online application process. We will be in touch with you soon regarding your application. Please fill out the form with relation to your child.

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