Tuition Fee

Fee Schedule For 2019 – 2020 Grade- K To 8

At Queens Gate Academy, we consider it a privilege to join with you in educating your child(ren). Queens Gate Academy offers the convenience of three payment plans.

Following are the options for the payment of the tuition:
  • Option I: One (1) lump sum payment, with 5% discount.
  • Option II: Three (3) equal payment per year, one due at registration, one postdated to January 1st, and one postdated to May 1st, with a 1% discount.
  • Option III: Monthly postdated cheques of equal amounts. The first cheque is to be on the date of registration and the remainder of the cheques are to be postdated for the first of each month from June 1 through May 1.The total number of payments will be pro-rated for students who register after the start of the school. year

For International Students

Only Two (2) equal payments for the year, one due at registration and one postdated to January 1st, with a 1% discount.

Payment method is by cheque/debit and all postdated cheques must be received at registration. Tuition fee cannot be paid by credit card.
All deposits are non-refundable, as their purpose is to confirm your child’s position for the full academic year
5% Discount Is Offered For Second Child, 10 % For Third Child & 15% For The Fourth Child Of The Same Family. The Additional Child (Children) Must Be Of The Same Parents. Multiple Discounts Are Not Offered Under Any Circumstances.

Tuition Fees
Option Payment 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
5% 10% 15%
Option I: One (1) payment $7,410 $7,040 $6,669 $6,299
Option II: Three (3) quarterly
payments each
$2,574 $2,445 $2,317 $2,188
Option III: Monthly Payments ($650/month)

Extra Fees

Fee Students
*Testing fee –
$50 (New Students)
*Registration fee – –
$500 (New Students)
$100 (Returning Students)

Extra-Curricular fees

Textbooks/ Workbooks $450
School Supplies $150
Art Material $100
Sports $300
Instrument Rental $100
Activity Fee $100
Building Development $100